Genies & Gems: Puzzle & Quests

Genies & Gems: Puzzle & Quests

  • Endless fun with Genies & Gems! Let's Play!
  • Genies & Gems: Puzzle & Quests
  • Genies & Gems: Puzzle & Quests

  • by Jam City, Inc.
Endless fun with Genies & Gems! Let's Play!

Swipe, match, and collect gems through dozens of missions that will make you keep going back for more! try it out and have fun in this match three game!

Daily challenges keep Genies & Gems entertaining day after day

In addition to hundreds of game chapters, Genies & Gems offers daily challenges that keep it entertaining even after hours of enjoyment. As your skills improve, so does the challenge.

Fun graphics and characters give Genies & Gems a compelling plot.

Genies & Gems is more than a puzzle game where you match gems and earn points. It uses fun graphics and characters to create a compelling plot that will keep you glued to your screen.

Fast action makes the game perfect for a few minutes or several hours.

Genies & Gems lets you choose how much time you want to spend playing. Its fast action makes it perfect for brief moments of downtime during your day, and can also keep you at it for hours before you even realize it.

Editor's Review

Sparkling gems are so pretty♡

Mar 14, 2018
Even though the puzzle is very simple, it's so addictive that you'll want to keep playing forever, and before you notice it, Genies & Gems will be open. Lol.

I play this game on my daily commute.

Feb 7, 2019
You don't have to fight and it's not tied to time as the number of moves is fixed. There are events that get you more life in the game for a limited time and there are also special events and I've been obsessed with it for a year.

Compete with friends!

Apr 22, 2019
Also, whenever I connect to Facebook, I get coins that can be used in the app, and I buy items!

You can play it how you want

Apr 22, 2019
A lot of match-3 games have a time limit, there are no blocks to be replaced, and the game is over. This game is not time-based, it's turn-based, so I don't spend so much time on one stage and I like being able to move at my own pace.
Why we love it
We love casual gaming, particulaly those in the match-3 vein, but we also like games with twists on traditional gameplay. In Genies and Gems you are always adjusting your stategy in order to acomplish specific missions. For example you might need to Guide Trix the fox along a path by matching paw prints, then suddely you are trying to uncover where secret relics are hiding. It's extremely entertaining and the extra games like the Desert Dash are added fun
For those who...
Love great match-3 games like Cookie Jam
Like social gaming with Facebook friends
Enjoy games that you can just play on the run or really spend time getting caught up in for hours.


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